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All Aluminum Radiator Construction Details

Last Updated: Jun 13, 2017 04:43PM EDT
Durable Fill Necks:
Radiator Express fill necks have been built with durability in mind. Whereas some of our competitors offer thin pressed in caps which may warp easily, it's no substitution for the peace of mind that comes with a durable, tig welded, thick billet fill neck.

Efficient Flow:
Flow is important to the efficiency of the radiator, with that in mind Radiator Express has been designing their radiators to maximize the flow of the coolant and prevent any unnecessary restrictions that other competitors may have on it.

Functionality and Aesthetics:
The Drain plug on most radiators is a plastic dial that simply comes off. However for Radiator Express Radiators we have a brass pet cock that threads out and drains the fluids without having to completely remove the brass petcock and potentially lose it. That, and it simply looks better too.

Made from 100% Aluminum (tanks, fittings an billet neck)

100% tig welded
Aluminum: AL 3003
Tank .080

14-16 Fins per inch

Louvered fin technology

Brazed Core

3/8 Spaced Tubes

Brass Petcock
Threaded 1 1/16 NPT aluminum overflow tube 

For radiators that are 1 inch to 1 1/4 thick.  We either use 1 row of 1 inch tubing or 2 rows of 5/8 tubing.
For radiators that are 1-3/4 thick.  We use 2 rows of 3/4 inch tubing
For radiators that are 2 inch thick.  We use 2 rows of 3/4 inch tubing and 1 row of 5/8 tubing.
For radiators that are 2 1/4 thick.  We use 2 rows of 1 inch tubing
For radiators with our B core 2-1/2 thick.  We use 3 rows of 3/4 inch tubing.
For radiator that are 2 3/4 thick.  We use 3 rows of 3/4 inch tubing and 1 row of 5/8 tubing.

We make variable core designs so that we can provide adequate cooling while also providing an item that fits!

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