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Cracked Radiator

Last Updated: Nov 24, 2015 01:50PM EST
To get us into cracked radiators, let's start by showing you a couple examples of what they are:

Why aren't cracked radiators covered under warranty?

Seeing as plastic is pressure molded, the only thing that can cause a break is force.  This force or pressure is often the result of a failing cooling system.

With copper and aluminum radiators, the tanks may pop or rip in a similar manner.  Pressure again is the reason that a solid piece of metal breaks.

Common culprits can be a locked thermostat, faulty head gasket, water pump and even a cap.  The list goes on, but why did the radiator crack?  Well the vehicle ran hot and the operator did not immediately discontinue use which resulted in damage.  Usually the first thing to go when you overheat is the radiator and the indication an over heating occurred is when it cracks or blows at the seams.

Why is it good that the radiator blew?  
Because if it held the pressure, the entire engine would seize.

Cracks can also occur in extreme changes of temperature.  It is snowing out and freezing cold?  The plastic part of your radiator may tighten then expand again when warmed.  This can wear on the unit and potentially cause a break or crack.  Yes, we sell more radiators to people in very hot and very cold climates as a result of this nature of failure.
Cracks to the tank and blown seams (not weeping seams, but separations) are not covered under manufacturer warranty as you have already most likely realized. We are truly sorry to break this bad news... but continue reading!!

We do not look at these items in house and we therefore take no bias when issuing claims for our customers.  At your request, we will gladly issue a warranty claim and provide the return address to the manufacturer for inspection.

It is ultimately up to the customer to determine the situation and cause of failure and make their own decision regarding returning an item.  

Radiator Express will always look at any pictures you provide and give you input.  We can always also refer you to the manufacturer for further questioning. 

If we can get your item covered, we will!

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